INCAS Standard Method – Initial Conditions

The Standard method—initial conditions describes the process used by the INCAS for defining the initial conditions that are used as inputs for quantifying GHG emissions and removals from activities occurring on forestlands in Indonesia. This includes data collation, data analysis, quality control, and quality assurance.

Initial conditions are quantified for each biomass class. Click here for a description of INCAS biomass classes. Representative quantities of each pool (above-ground biomass, below-ground biomass, litter, and deadwood) are estimated from available data (e.g. forest inventory plots, research plots, and published information).

The estimates of biomass for each component of the carbon pools (above-ground and below-ground biomass and debris) for each biomass class are used as the initial values at the start of the simulation of GHG emissions and removals. These are subsequently impacted by natural processes and management events. Click here for a summary of how initial conditions fit within the INCAS framework.

Full details of the Standard method—initial conditions are available here.