Data inputs

Spatial and non-spatial data used by INCAS for analysing GHG emissions and removals on forest and peatlands across Indonesia in the first national GHG inventory are summarised in the following table.

Data Type (spatial/nonspatial) Description Source
National Forest Inventory (NFI) plots Non-spatial Above-ground biomass (DBH ≥ 5cm) Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)
Permanent Measuring Plots (PMPs) Non-spatial Above-ground biomass (DBH ≥ 10cm) MoEF
Silvicultural Research in A Lowland Mixed Dipterocarp Forest of East Kalimantan (STREK) plots Non-spatial Above-ground biomass (DBH ≥ 10cm) with silvicultural technique applications (RIL, conventional logging) MoEF
Vegetation monitoring plots Non-spatial Above-ground biomass (all growth stages) Related Projects under MoEF
Research plots on forest carbon assessments Non-spatial Various (include some or all components of above-ground tree biomass, understorey vegetation, below-ground biomass (roots), debris, litter) Research activities under MoEF and other research institutions
Information available from publications Non-spatial Various (used to fill information gaps) Research papers/reports
RIL (Reduced Impact Logging) Certification Non-spatial List of Concessions that have achieved full legal compliance with the TFF RIL Standard® TFF (Tropical Forest Foundation)
Land Cover Class Spatial Primary or secondary dryland forest, swamp forest or mangrove forest, timber plantations (and all other land-cover classes) MoEF
Forest Extent and Change Spatial Annual forest/non-forest data derived from Landsat data, and the forest loss and forest gain events derived by differencing the annual forest extents National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN)
Burnt Area Spatial Annual area burnt INCAS (MoEF)
Soil Type Spatial Organic (peat) Ministry of Agriculture
Soil IPCC class Spatial Mineral soil IPCC class Digital soil map of the world (FAO)
Forest Function Spatial Production, protection or conservation forest MoEF
Forest Utilisation Spatial Area of forest concessions MoEF
Estate Crops Spatial Area of oil palm, rubber, and other commodities of plantations MoEF