Monograph Allometric Models for Estimating Tree Biomass at Various Forest Ecosystem Types in Indonesia

Monograph Allometric models
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This monograph reviews tree biomass and volume allometric models that have been developed for various tree species and ecosystem types in Indonesia. The mathematical for,s of the allometric models, the associated statistical parameters, as well as information about the size (tree diameter and height) and the number of sample trees used to develop the models were collate from various sources published in scientific journals (both national and international), research and technical reports, proceedings and student theses. The total number of the allometric models presented in this monograph is 807 models consisting of 437 allometric models for estimating tree biomass components and 370 allometric models for estimating several types of tree volume. Result of the spatial distribution analyses of the existing allometric models indicated that 90% of the allometric models were developed for three major islands (java, Kalimantan and Sumatra). A relatively small number of biomass allometric models were developed for eastern islands of Indonesia (Papua and Sulawesi), except for several volume allometric models. Either biomass or volume allometric models are available for some major ecosystem types in Indonesia even though their distributions are uneven throughout the country. Most (88%) of the biomass allometric models were developed to estimate aboveground tree biomass components. Besides information on the model distribution and data coverage, this monograph also analyses variability of the predicted biomass and volume resulted from the models, the use of the models for estimating tree biomass, gap analysis and strategy to fill the gaps. The collected information of allometric models provides a basic tool for estimation of forest biomass based on its ecosystem type. The information also provides input to support the national carbon accounting system and estimation of carbon stock changes from greenhouse gas emissions reduction and carbon stock enhancement in the land-based sector.
Haruni Krisnawati; Wahyu Catur Adinugroho; Rinaldi Imanuddin